A Pimp Named SlickBack (christopunk) wrote,
A Pimp Named SlickBack

Back again...

I've seriously neglected my LJ...over a year now it's been.

The main thing I have to talk about is the end of the longest, most stable relationship of my life...
It's been a rough weekend to say the least.
I of course, had to be the one to move out...And leave all the furniture...Even though she was the one that moved in with me. Granted it was two apartments ago, the point is I HAD an apartment full of stuff when I met her and now I don't. So I'm back staying with my sister for a while...A SHORT while I hope...I value my space a bit more these days and they have a child.
I'm just, evil...and hateful...and spiteful...
I never was any of those things to her of course...just the rest of the world...Just who I am I guess...
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Hey Christopher...it's been a long time. Sorry about all that. Hope things are better. I'm not doing much better in that department either. Take care!