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A Pimp Named SlickBack
16 October 1979
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I'm 26 years old, a musician, a dreamer, a lover, an expert on all things psychotropic.
I smoke, I drink, I swear, I get stoned. I'm the singer in a band called "Art As War." I'm moderatly bipolar and it shows. I have radical ideas on just about everything from sex and drugs to politics, religion, and social class system.

It's not an act folks...I'm really like this all of the time.

All lyrics © 2003-2005 "Art As War" music (D.Hamm, M.Jones, W.Smith, C.Young) unless otherwise noted or implied. Unauthorized use is prohibited.
a perfect circle, alice in chains, arson, art, art as war, bareknuckles kickboxing, bartolo colon, baseball, beastie boys, beauty, beck, big butts, black sabbath, bong loads, bongs, bryan station, buying drugs, called strikeouts, cannibis, casual sex, charles nagy, chat, christopher robin, cleveland browns, cleveland indians, courtney brown, cuddling, cultivation, cunnilingus, curveballs, cypress hill, d-12, dealing drugs, deviant thoughts, displays of affection, do-it yourself brain surgery, douglas adams, drums, earshot, electricity, email, eminem, eric clapton, ethnobotany, exercise, family guy, fastballs, frank zappa, ganja, girls in their underwear, grass, greg maddux, guitar, guitars, guns n' roses, hardware, herb, holding hands, hugs, intellectualism, jeff noon, jethro tull, jimi hendrix, joints, kentucky, kevin johnson, kickboxing, kissing, lexington, love, lsd, lust, madison southern high school, magic, martial arts, mary jane, masturbation, matthew sweet, meth labs, movies, music, musicians, netmeeting, nirvana, nudity, ohio, oral sex, oxycodone, oxycontin, palm bay high school, paltalk, pantera, passion, philosophy, piercings, pink floyd, pipes, pitching, polygomy, porn, pot, rabby feeber, randy johnson, romance, sandusky, sex, short haired girls, sinking fastballs, slayer, smart girls, smashing pumpkins, smoke, smoking, snoop dogg, soulmates, soundgarden, stone temple pilots, strings, tattoos, the beatles, the family guy, the rolling stones, the simpsons, the who, tool, tori amos, uk basketball, velvet revolver, webcam, weed, ween, white zombie, zz-top

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