A Pimp Named SlickBack (christopunk) wrote,
A Pimp Named SlickBack

Things are tough all over...

I may or may not have just taken LSD. More on that later...
In the past three weeks:

-I've had a friend brutally murdered.
-I've moved and been charged $130 to essentially vaccum and shampoo the carpet and clean the oven in my old apartment.
-My girlfriends car has had $716 worth of cooling system failure...We took it in, they fixed it, five days later they had to fix it again.
-My girlfriends check got shorted twenty hours this week, leaving us virtually broke. Thank god we ran out and blew everything we did get on food or we'd starve.

Nicholas and Hannah Slodki welcome Simon Elijah Slodki into the world today...8 lbs. 2.7oz 20.5 inches. Exactly on his due date!
Congrats guys!

Oh...and I volunteered to take what may have been a hit of acid to "check it out"... Can you say guinea pig?
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