A Pimp Named SlickBack (christopunk) wrote,
A Pimp Named SlickBack

Patty Cake Hamlish...

Just when I thought she couldn't get any sweeter, Meghan goes and does something that makes my heart go pitter patter all over again...You see, ever since the death of my beloved Sally, I've been wanting a new hamster. And for a little while, I had a little siberian dwarf hamster. But I quickly learned that dwarf hamsters are EVIL and don't particularly care for human interaction(I kid you not, that little beast bit me hard enough to draw blood on at least three different occasions!)...Well she pased pretty quick and I got the rat, but what I reeeaaallllly wanted was a cute little golden or teddy bear hamster that I could actually play with. So Meg comes home from the store today saying that the pet shop by our apartment has hamsters and that she'd buy me one if I went to go pick it out with her. So we get to the pet shop and all the little teddy bears (those are my favorite hamsters!) are asleep...Theres one, however, that is a little ways away from the "pile." So I looked in and said "awww...she's cute" and just as I said it, she stretched out real big and padded herself over to the pile to presumably, join the little hairy igloo that were her siblings. It was then that I looked at the pet-shop owner and exclaimed "I want THAT one!!!" At first, she was trying to talk me into getting a gerbil instead, citing the fact that they're more active and eaisier to tame, ect., ect...But I told her, hamsters are what I've always kept, hamsters are what I know, and I had my heart set on walking out of here with a hamster today! So we got my hammie put into a box and set about finding a suitable home for her. What we ended up with was this flourecent purple and green thing that looks like something straight out of the Jetsons. It's got all kinds of tubes and a slide and an exercise wheel on top that pivots on a central point. so with that thing, as she runs forward, the entire wheel itself spins around on this track, giving her the illusion of actual forward motion! She is going to have SOOOOOOO much fun in that thing! I can't wait to get home and play with her!!!! I'm so jealous of Meghan right now because she gets to sit at home and play with the baby!! She's sooooo cute and i just know my girl is doing a good job of taming her! And she's sooooo cute! She's like a tannish, greyish color on both ends with white in the middle...Those cute little shiny, black eyes, constantly wiggling nose, cute little articulating fingers, and that adorable little nub of a tail, which in my mind, differentiates hamsters from all the other rodents that have those creepy, scaly, bald ass long ass tails that make me feel all crawly when they touch me...Not to mention the whole cheek pouch thing...Which I pretty much feel is the cutest thing in the animal kingdom...I believe tommorow I'm going to go and buy her some cool toys and stuff...I'm gonna spoil that hamster rotten, just like I try to spoil my Meghan!!!

*Edit: We named her Patty Cake*
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