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Wow. [26 Jan 2016|11:40am]

I can't even remember the last time I looked at LiveJournal, let alone posted to it. A lot has happened since then, I suppose. I've gotten married, bought a house, lost my father. All in all, life keeps on going and the world keeps on spinning, even when you think it shouldn't. I wonder if anyone that I knew from here back in the day still maintains or at least creeps. I guess Facebook has supplanted and taken that position in most people's lives these days.

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Hello? [01 Aug 2012|06:08pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

ECHO echo echoooooo...

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Back again... [18 Jan 2009|10:33pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I've seriously neglected my LJ...over a year now it's been.

The main thing I have to talk about is the end of the longest, most stable relationship of my life...
It's been a rough weekend to say the least.
I of course, had to be the one to move out...And leave all the furniture...Even though she was the one that moved in with me. Granted it was two apartments ago, the point is I HAD an apartment full of stuff when I met her and now I don't. So I'm back staying with my sister for a while...A SHORT while I hope...I value my space a bit more these days and they have a child.
I'm just, evil...and hateful...and spiteful...
I never was any of those things to her of course...just the rest of the world...Just who I am I guess...

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The Rocket... [07 Oct 2007|07:00pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

...is yesterdays news. Yes, he's still a decent pitcher. But at this point in his career, I say he's no better than Jake. I love this matchup.

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Poll! [03 Oct 2007|05:37pm]
Poll #1065535 Oral Sex!

For the ladies: Do you enjoy recieving oral sex?

Not just yes but HELL YES! I'd jump over two dicks to get to a good head job!
Sure thing! It makes for great foreplay.
Eh...I can take it or leave it.
No thanks...It does nothing for me whatsoever
Ewww!! GROSS!!!!

For the guys: Do you enjoy performing oral sex on your woman?

Not just yes but HELL YES!!!! I love everything about it! The way she tastes, smells, moans, and SQUIRMS!
Sure thing! It gets her super hot and ready to get it on!
Eh, she likes it so I can occasionally be persuaded to lick it.
No thanks, too much work and too little reward.
Ewww!! GROSS!!!!
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[21 Sep 2007|05:02am]
<td width="30"></td> <td>

I wish I could tell her...
Current mood: blank
Category: Life

...Butthere really aren't any words for what she means to me. I just love herso very much. I wish I could convince her of how truly special andbeautiful she is to me. I mean, I'm sure she knows I love her. But Ireally don't think she quite understands what she means to my life orhow she dominates my every waking thought...In my eyes, she truly isthe most beautiful, striking, sensual, exciting, and sexy woman thatever lived. But when I try to tell her how beautiful or sexy I think she is, she just rolls those pretty hazel eyes and tells me I'm either crazy or blind.

Iknow that sometimes, I have kind of a funny way of showing it, but Ihonestly have never been so happy in a relationship in my life. I knowit sounds cliched, but I've truly never felt how Meghan makes me feel.While it's true enough that I've been in what one could call "serious"relationships before, nothing has ever come close to this. Never in mylife have I ever felt such passionfor someone. Theres just something about her that's given mebutterflies ever since the first time I saw her face. I generally can'tget her out of my head, still, to this day, two years in to it...I'mconstantly thinkning about kissing her or holding her or stroking herhair or holding her hand or taking her to bed or...I just wish shereally knew how I feel...
I'm sure it's hard to tell through all ofthe bullshit I've put her through recently, but she truly is the centerof my universe. I swear...she'll soon see what I mean.

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[20 Sep 2007|02:51am]
For those in long-term relationships, it's frustrating when something that was a favorite dish when the romance was new is suddenly taken off the menu. But it's not uncommon for people to extend themselves beyond what they would normally do when they're infatuated and eager to please. When they're not in such an accommodating mood anymore, they retract. That's understandable, but it can seem like false advertising.

"The reason the person signed up was because you were behaving like that," Paget says. Of course, you're not obliged to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, but understand if your partner is peeved.

...All the things that people use as an example of "spontaneous sex" , Paget says, "those things were all planned. Phone calls were made, dates and times agreed upon, email checked, work wrapped up, teeth brushed, privacy secured." Most people rarely find themselves swept into a totally unexpected sexual encounter, and they may become frustrated because they don't do enough planning, expecting that kind of spontaneity.
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[18 Sep 2007|11:01pm]
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Poll [18 Sep 2007|10:26am]
[ mood | puzzled ]

Poll #1057206 Birthday nookie

Sex on your birthday?

All motherf**king day long!!
Sign me up
No thanks, I've got other plans.
I'd rather eat dirt.
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[06 Sep 2007|02:59pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Sometimes, I do shit just to see who's looking.

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[20 Jun 2007|01:11am]
Got this in July!

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Happy Hoidays! [12 Dec 2006|10:03pm]
[ mood | high ]

Happy holidays folks! I got my first Christmas present today! A brand new handheld mic! Of course, there are ulterior motives to the early receipt of said gift...Tonight was band practice and I've needed a new mic for a while. So thanks guys!

Five limes, Meghan!

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[13 Nov 2006|06:20pm]
I love those commercials where Peyton Manning goes around cheering on regular people as they do their jobs...I wish a professional athlete would come along and cheer me on as I'm sellin' the gas...
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Things are tough all over... [11 Nov 2006|06:27pm]
I may or may not have just taken LSD. More on that later...
In the past three weeks:

-I've had a friend brutally murdered.
-I've moved and been charged $130 to essentially vaccum and shampoo the carpet and clean the oven in my old apartment.
-My girlfriends car has had $716 worth of cooling system failure...We took it in, they fixed it, five days later they had to fix it again.
-My girlfriends check got shorted twenty hours this week, leaving us virtually broke. Thank god we ran out and blew everything we did get on food or we'd starve.

Nicholas and Hannah Slodki welcome Simon Elijah Slodki into the world today...8 lbs. 2.7oz 20.5 inches. Exactly on his due date!
Congrats guys!

Oh...and I volunteered to take what may have been a hit of acid to "check it out"... Can you say guinea pig?
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I guess this iis as close to metalhead as they got... [03 Nov 2006|02:49am]
[ mood | drunk ]

What stereotype do you belong to?
Your Result: Punk

listens to punk rock, has many piercings, wears a lot of black, hair is dyed unnatural colors, plays guitar, wears clothes that stand out, only likes colors combined with black

No stereotype
What stereotype do you belong to?
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Rest In Peace Jeremy "Squirms" Walters [27 Oct 2006|11:44pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

At 12:14 p.m, Friday, October 27, 2007 we lost a great father, husband, son, nephew, brother and a great friend to many. Jeremy Walters died tragically and needlessly. My lil-brother fought die with all he had left for 36 hours but left for a better place. He can now be with his cousin B.B and hold heaven down. Jeremy, you will truly be missed. Love you forever lil-brother.



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:oP [16 Oct 2006|07:36pm]
[ mood | content ]

Five Limes, Meghan!!!!

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Sanduky Memorial Hospital, 10/16/79 04:13am [16 Oct 2006|07:09pm]
[ mood | high ]

It's my birthday!
My buh buh buh birthday!!!!!

Why Wendy, the red Mega Man!
You may now have cake, pie and Ice cream.


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Patty Cake Hamlish... [10 Sep 2006|05:47pm]
Just when I thought she couldn't get any sweeter, Meghan goes and does something that makes my heart go pitter patter all over again...You see, ever since the death of my beloved Sally, I've been wanting a new hamster. And for a little while, I had a little siberian dwarf hamster. But I quickly learned that dwarf hamsters are EVIL and don't particularly care for human interaction(I kid you not, that little beast bit me hard enough to draw blood on at least three different occasions!)...Well she pased pretty quick and I got the rat, but what I reeeaaallllly wanted was a cute little golden or teddy bear hamster that I could actually play with. So Meg comes home from the store today saying that the pet shop by our apartment has hamsters and that she'd buy me one if I went to go pick it out with her. So we get to the pet shop and all the little teddy bears (those are my favorite hamsters!) are asleep...Theres one, however, that is a little ways away from the "pile." So I looked in and said "awww...she's cute" and just as I said it, she stretched out real big and padded herself over to the pile to presumably, join the little hairy igloo that were her siblings. It was then that I looked at the pet-shop owner and exclaimed "I want THAT one!!!" At first, she was trying to talk me into getting a gerbil instead, citing the fact that they're more active and eaisier to tame, ect., ect...But I told her, hamsters are what I've always kept, hamsters are what I know, and I had my heart set on walking out of here with a hamster today! So we got my hammie put into a box and set about finding a suitable home for her. What we ended up with was this flourecent purple and green thing that looks like something straight out of the Jetsons. It's got all kinds of tubes and a slide and an exercise wheel on top that pivots on a central point. so with that thing, as she runs forward, the entire wheel itself spins around on this track, giving her the illusion of actual forward motion! She is going to have SOOOOOOO much fun in that thing! I can't wait to get home and play with her!!!! I'm so jealous of Meghan right now because she gets to sit at home and play with the baby!! She's sooooo cute and i just know my girl is doing a good job of taming her! And she's sooooo cute! She's like a tannish, greyish color on both ends with white in the middle...Those cute little shiny, black eyes, constantly wiggling nose, cute little articulating fingers, and that adorable little nub of a tail, which in my mind, differentiates hamsters from all the other rodents that have those creepy, scaly, bald ass long ass tails that make me feel all crawly when they touch me...Not to mention the whole cheek pouch thing...Which I pretty much feel is the cutest thing in the animal kingdom...I believe tommorow I'm going to go and buy her some cool toys and stuff...I'm gonna spoil that hamster rotten, just like I try to spoil my Meghan!!!

*Edit: We named her Patty Cake*
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Who knew... [09 Sep 2006|12:16pm]
[ mood | high ]

...that having a girlfriend that understands you and loves you for who you are and not what you can provide for them could make ones life soooooo much better than it's ever been? Never in my life did I think I would find someone that is so compatible with me...She's my entire world and she makes me sooo happy. I don't know what i did in my past lives to deserve her, but it must have been something monumentally good. I've got something most people can only hope to dream about finding...My PERFECT match. I've managed to find the one person in this entire universe that was made specifically to be with me...I've found my soul mate...Finally!

- She's beautiful
- She's sweet to me
- She treats me like I'm the only man alive
- She's a FREAK in bed! :oP
- She loves me with all of her heart and tells me so every single day
- She doesn't judge me for shit I did years ago (or even shit I did hours ago for that matter)
- She doesn't constantly compare me to former lovers
- She's not ashamed of me
- She does nice things for me
- She's sexy
- She's as highly affectionate as I as
- She likes to party with me
- She doesn't try to turn me into a completely different person
- She accepts all of my faults, both major and minor
- She values happiness over money and material possesions
- She's as sharp as a tack
- She doesn't punish me for shit her former lovers did
- She makes me laugh
- She's clever
- She puts up with all of my psychotic bullshit like a pro
- She keeps me satisfied

I just don't know what I'd do without this girl, people. She makes my little heart go pitter-patter every day. Sometimes I just have but to look at her and my eyes start to well up with tears because she makes me so happy and I feel so lucky to have her in my life...

Okay...Enough with the mushy shit. :oP
I went back to my old job st Shell...apparently Speedway doesn't like to pay people at the same time every week. So we ended up paying a bunch of late fees and shit on our rent and it was just BAD. So I quit and went back to Shell...Making more money, getting more respect, working better hours. I say speedway was just a failed experiment if anyone asks...lol

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